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Emoyeni iAfrika


The Background

Emoyeni iAfrica produces proudly South African beauty products forged from a passion for the earth and the bounty it provides.

Emoyeni iAfrika wanted a brand that spoke the African spirit and celebrated the rise of its proud new brand.

The Approach

Africa is a land of vibrant colour, vast landscapes, great diversity and cultutre.

In keeping with the spirit of Africa, the Emoyeni Corporate Identity was created using warm, earthy colours with a clean, classic elegance. Strong contrasts of earthy browns and work oranges help keep the feeling of the branding, rooted in the African soil.

The Emoyeni typography incorporates a clean uppercase Sans Serif, with angled lower letters on the "M" and "A" characters and a smooth outer "Y" for the upper part of the letter. These details bring together a feeling ofvariation in the lower parts of the letters and lends itself towards uniquely indentifiable type set. The lower slogon uses a Serif fonts which maintains a classic elegance which when combined offsets to create a memorable brand identity.

The Emoyeni icon aims to cement the African spirit of the brand and act as a strong identifier for the over brand. To do this I created an icon that depicts the rising African sun over the vast landscape which symbolises the brand love and respect for the earth and hope in a proudly South African future.

The Solution

All areas of the brand where considered from brochures and store signage to repsonsive website and car branding.

In the end a brand was created which left a clean, classic, African mark on its audience and helped position the brand in a light that depicted the impeccable quality, style and high standard the company holds itself too.

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